Pup! A Chew Story

Is finding a forever home at the heart of every dog? Or are they meant for greater things? The strength of friendship is put to the ultimate test when two inseparable companions — a tri-pawed pit bull and his chew toy — embark on a quest for a forever home in Hollywood. 

The Writers

Marcus Terrell SmithBook & Lyrics

Marcus Terrell Smith graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Linguistics. The following year he was accepted into the Actors Studio Drama School (ASDS) at Pace University in New York City, receiving an MFA in Acting. After graduating, he joined the national tour of Broadway’s Book of Mormon. Smith then moved to Los Angeles, where he diversified his talents as an actor on TV/Film and continued his work in theater. He is also a prolific storyteller, currently writing narrative lore for League of Legends (Riot Games) and Magic: The Gathering. 

Robin SchäferMusic

Robin Schäfer is a songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who resides in Cologne, Germany. He had considered himself only a semi-professional musician, while pursuing a career in business administration, until 2018, when he decided to do music full-time. Over the years Schäfer played and composed in several original bands of various genres. Currently he focuses on his own Singer/Songwriter project, ROBIN SHEPHERD, and the instrumental Soul-Funk band MALAKO ZOO. He also works as a session musician and music teacher. 

Development History

Pup! A Chew Story was written in March 2020 over Google Hangouts. The idea bloomed in Smith’s mind one morning, after a long night of scrolling through dog videos online, and the notion of a three-legged dog and his chew toy going on an impossible adventure was a story he had to tell. Because Schäfer had been Smith’s musical partner since their college days, Smith immediately approached him with the idea. Although they were living in two different countries, they wasted no time. A staged reading was performed at the Broadwater Theater in Hollywood in August 2021.

Next Stages

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